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Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Table Tennis Table Review

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Table Tennis Table Review

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Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Table Tennis Table: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Does not require any assembly
  • Non-slip leg base prevents slipping
  • Easy to store

What We Like

  • The fiberboard is not as strong as hoped
  • Formaldehyde has been used in construction

Ping pong has been a well-loved pastime for more than 100 years, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. It is fun for the whole family and will not bore the younger kids like board games can. You can easily slide your coffee table to the side of your living room to fold out this mini portable ping pong table.

Within just a few minutes, you can set up this table tennis table – in fact, it will take you less time to set up this table than it would to deal out a card game or set up the chessboard. Plus, you do not need to purchase any additional equipment as this table comes with everything you need to have a great time.

Read on to find out more about this excellent portable ping pong table option.

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Table Tennis Table Review

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table - 40 x 70 inches - Includes Net, Paddles, and Balls

Nothing gets the blood pumping and the body moving quite like an exciting, fast-paced round of table tennis. You get all of the dexterity and speed of a normal tennis match squeezed into a small ping pong table that can fit in your living room with ease.

If you are concerned that a standard ping pong table won’t fit into your home, this one will. While regulation tables are 9 x 5 feet in size, this one measures in at just 5.9 x 3.38 feet. This means you can use this table in just about any room in your house.

Who is this product for?

If you struggle to get your family to spend time together, this mini ping pong table is just the thing you need. If you are looking for something fun to introduced to your dorm room or living room in your apartment, this compact option will keep your friends, flat mates, dorm mates, and family on the edge of their seats with an exciting game in the comfort of your own home. Plus, it folds away neatly and fits in the average closet for easy storage.

What’s included?

This portable ping pong table comes along with everything you need to start playing right away. The table tennis set comes with the center netting, 3 ping pong balls, and 2 high-quality wooden paddles.

Overview of features

This ping pong table is extra convenient and requires no assembly. All you have to do is open the table’s legs, fasten the two halves of the table together, and then clamp the net to the table and you are ready for some exciting table tennis action.

The legs are reinforced and will not collapse or wobble when you are playing. The rubber grips at the base of the legs prevent the table from slipping across your floor. The leg braces are reinforced and can withstand the hardest return hits.

This table boasts a space saving design that can fit into small places while also folding in half to store in your closet or under your bed. You can play anywhere, anytime with this table – both indoors and outdoors.

When the table is open, it measures a compact 5.9 (L) x 3.38 (W) x 2.5 (H) feet. It also weighs just 60 pounds, making it super easy to move.

How to use it

Once you have setup the table (which comes fully assembled), you can start playing straight away. There is no assembly required, allowing you to enjoy the table immediately.


STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

This compact ping pong table is ideal for small spaces as it only measures 5.92 feet (L) x 3.38 feet (W) x 2.5 feet (H), making it great for small apartments, offices, or any tighter spaces you want to spruce up with some fun.

You can conveniently store this table under your bed or in a standard closet thanks to its nifty storage design, allowing you to free up space in your home when you aren’t using it. In fact, you can even use the table’s two halves as tables when entertaining family and friends. This ping pong table comes fully assembled – just unpack it, unfold it, and start playing. The table and net’s height are the same as a regulation table.

This table has a durable powder coated steel frame with 1.25-inch square legs that are welded in place. The smooth, durable tabletop is 5/8-inches thick and gives you a consistent bounce. The apron also has a powdered coating. You can also adjust the legs with the levelers, letting you get an even table on any floor surface.


In a world where free space seems scarce, a portable and compact ping pong table is exactly what you need to get the whole family active and engaged. You can place this table anywhere in your home or office and it stores away with ease – what more could you need?

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