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What are the Dimensions of a Regulation Ping Pong Table?

What are the Dimensions of a Regulation Ping Pong Table?

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Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is an enjoyable and popular recreational sport commonly played in basements and activity centers. But, it is also an official sport at the Olympic Games.

The tables used in competitive ping pong have to meet certain regulations. The dimensions of a recreational ping pong table don’t always meet these standards.

But what are the dimensions of a regulation ping pong table? Are the dimensions the same for a recreational table and a regulation competition ping pong table? Read on to find out everything you need to know on how to assemble your own ping pong table with correct dimensions.

How is a Ping Pong Table Made

Dimensions of a Regulation Ping Pong Table


The length of a regulation ping pong table is 2.74 meters, or 9 feet. This is the standard length that has been specified by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). The length of the table is split in two by the net.


The width of a regulation ping pong table is 1.53 meters, or 5 feet. There is a white line that divides the width of the table into 2 parts. The sections created by this white line are used when playing doubles games.


The height off the ground’s surface of a regulation ping pong table should be 76 centimeters or 2 feet 6 inches.


The net should be set at a height of 15.25 centimeters or 6 inches above the table’s surface. The net consists of 2 supporting posts that are attached at the ends of the table (along the length) using clamps. The net is suspended from the support posts using a cord. A ping pong table net is made from nylon and comes with a 15.25 centimeter or 6 inch overhang.

Dimensions of the Ball and Paddle

The diameter of a regulation ping pong ball is 4 centimeters. The ball is made from celluloid and is hollow. Regulation ping pong balls need to have a 3-star rating, which means the bounce and roundness are consistent, weighing 2.7 grams.

A ping pong paddle is also known as a bat or racket. A regulation ping pong paddle is 10.6 centimeters long with a height of 19.36 centimeters and a width of 15.24 centimeters. The ping pong bat should weigh 180 grams.

dimensions of the ping pong table

How is a Ping Pong Table Made?

Regulation ping pong tables are made using Masonite, which is a wooden chip hard board. These chips have been treated with steam, allowing them to form long fibers which are then used to make boards. The ITTF only approves ping pong tables made from wood.

The table’s surface must be such that a bounce of 8 ¾ inches is reached when the ball is dropped from a height of 12 inches. The ball must also bounce in a uniform way on the whole table surface.

A uniform bounce is vital in competitions and tournaments. The thickness of the ping pong table plays an essential role in the ball’s bounce. A regulation table should be 1-inch thick. Recreational tables are typically ¾-inches thick.

The color of a ping pong table must either be blue or green according to ITTF guidelines. The white line that divides the table into two sections must be 3-millimeters thick. The border lines must be 20-millimeters thick. Although these lines are called borders, the playing area extends to the edge of the table, including the 20-millimeter portion of the border.

When playing ping pong, the playing area dimensions are very important. The players need to make big moves like a back swing which needs quite a bit of space to be executed. This means that there needs to be a minimum of 3 feet on each side of the table and a minimum of 6 feet behind each end line on the table. This allows the players to move freely. For international competitions, the playing area must be 14 meters by 7 meters.


After starting in Britain over 100 years ago, the rules of the game, the equipment, and the dimensions of the ping pong table underwent a few changes. In 1921, the Table Tennis Association was formed, followed by the International Tennis Federation being formed in 1926.

Ping pong was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1988. In this game, players need immense concentration, good reflexes, and the ability to spin the ping pong ball. Using a regulation ping pong table and equipment when playing this game will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

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